Jim Lea

Living for over four decades in Park City makes it easy to know the community, the market, the rules. I’ve been in business 40 years helping people buy and sell property. What’s the most important lesson learned? To listen. Let’s talk about you. The more you tell, the easier we can find all you’re seeking. It saves time. Together our job is to help you make good decisions.

Listening to your needs and your story. That’s the fun. The moment of bringing you face to face with your dreams. That’s the thrill.

I think real estate is about trust. About having it all handled. I get great satisfaction from that particular moment when a client relaxes, leaves it all to me. It’s a moment I work hard for. I don’t believe in frills, excuses or wasting time. I’m an anticipator. You won’t have to say it twice. You may not have to say it once. I can sell and list property with the best of them. What excites me these days are the personal relationships that form in the midst of doing business.

What are my strengths in addition to experience? Team spirit, enthusiasm and commitment. And you are part of the team. Because when it’s done well, we end up with plenty more than a home in paradise.


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